Terms of Service


Customer Service

  • Repairs: Jewelry repairs are on premises.
  • Gift Wrapping: Our signature gift-wrap is available on any of our products upon request.
  • Shipping: Available within the United States. Rates vary depending on destination, speed of delivery and value of item(s).
  • Custom Design: B. Franklin Jewelers has a full service custom design capabilities.
  • Engraving and Etching: B. Franklin Jewelers provides engraving and etching services on items purchased through our store. Not all items may be personalized. Please call 239-947-0088 or email for an estimate.


Ethical Sourcing

At B. Franklin Jewelers, we only purchase diamonds through suppliers who, like us, adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process, an initiative established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003 to monitor the buying and selling of diamonds. This process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, ensures that all of our diamonds are warranted to be conflict-free


While trading in antique ivory remains legal, Tiny Jewel Box does not engage in the practice in an effort to discourage its use in any capacity.

Repair Policies


  • I agree that the approximate values and description of the item(s) listed on written receipt are correct, and I accept the terms and conditions as written below.
  • This store, including the employees, accepts no responsibility for the condition or identification of jewelry or stones upon receipt. Items are submitted to this store for repair only and we will not act as an insurer of the items listed on reverse.
  • All articles which are antique, irreplaceable, fragile, of a brittle nature or susceptible to damage from light, heat, moisture, or caused by an inherent condition are accepted on condition that customer accepts all risks with respect to any services requested to be performed.
  • Responsibility for loss, theft, or damage is accepted by us only when due to our negligence. Any damage or loss due to this store’s negligence will be limited to the cost to repair or replace the item.
  • I understand that under certain circumstances the item(s) may be sent to a third party for repair; you will be notified.
  • All repairs are guaranteed for one year under normal wear and tear.
  • Special orders, sizings, alterations and engraving to original merchandise are FINAL SALES.
  • Not responsible for articles left over 120 days.
  • No article can be picked up without receipt.