A Family Affair

Patricia is an Appraiser and Graduate Gemologist, Brad is a Master Goldsmith, and Deanne is a jewelry specialist. 

They have always believed that quality trumps quantity and that jewelry should not be about status, but about your personality.


Established in 1991.

Brad and Patricia Mathews, the Owners of B. Franklin Jewelers, have been married since 1975, and they each have over 37 years of experience as Jewelers.

Their values have allowed their business to grow with almost no advertising; they've relied on word of mouth referrals as B. Franklin Jewelers has become a premiere destination in South West Florida.


Brad Mathews

Brad started working in the luxury jewelry field in 1974, working in the North Naples area for Masters Merchandise Mart, a catalog showroom. In 1980, Brad left the store manger position with Masters and took a job with Cleopatra's Barge on Third St. in Downtown Naples. During his time with Cleopatra's, Brad started teaching himself at the jewelers bench fascinated with the Goldsmiths craft. In 1982 he later took a job with Girard Jewelers in the Coastland Center Mall.  As their bench jeweler, Brad continued to develop his skills and love for the trade.

In 1985 Brad started his own business; a trade shop in the back of Goldtown Jewelers of Naples, taking in work from many of the mall jewelry stores. Later, joined by his wife Pat, they added to their wholesale services; bead stringing, appraisals and selling diamonds wholesale.

September 1st, 1991 they opened B. Franklin Jewelers and with the help of their staff, they developed their own line of custom designed sea-life and golf jewelry. In 2000 Brad sold the golf designs to a U.S. jewelry manufacturer and then purchased one of the first laser welders in the area giving them the advantage over local competitors. The laser gives Brad the ability to repair jewelry others can not work on and it reduces the rick of damage to their customer's jewelry.















Patricia Mathews

Pat started her jewelry career in the late 70's after moving to Naples in 1974 working for Britt's Department Store. There, the owner convinced her to take the GIA course for Diamonds due to her passion and love she found in their jewelry lease dept. 

The education landed her a sales position at the high volume jewelry store, Girard's, in the Coastland Center of Naples. Girard's upper mamagement then encouraged her to continue her education with GIA; then receiving her Graduate Gemologist Diploma in 1984. Along the way she worked herself up through the ranks to become the store manager.

Wanting something she could call her own, she decided on going in the direction of freelance. Working as a consultant setting up other retail stores and helping grow their diamond departments. As well, she picked up doing appraisals and pearl stringing for many of the local stores in the area.

Deanne Ketwaroo

Deanne, the daughter, was born into the family business. She began her life-long love of jewelry working for her parents since she was 14yrs old. That grew into international sales experience working for luxury jewelry and fashion brands based in NYC for 13 years.  Her involvement ranges from fine jewelry to fashion, sourcing rare gem stones for the prior president of AGTA, and buying / selling wholesale loose diamonds. She is now back with the family as the assistant buyer and sales professional.